Elenco di prodotti del produttore: Movado

La Movado è un'azienda elvetica di orologi fondata nel 1881 a la Chaux de Fonds dal giovane orologiaio Achille Ditesheim col nome di "MOVADO", parola che significa movimento, in esperanto.

One of the world's leading watchmakers, Movado Group, Inc. (MGI) designs, manufactures and distributes watches for nine respected brand names. Movado, the flagship brand within the MGI portfolio, was founded in Switzerland in 1881 and acquired by the corporation in 1993. Recognized for its iconic Museum® dial and modern aesthetic, Movado has earned more than 100 patents and 200 international awards for watch design and time technology, and Movado watches are in the permanent collections of museums worldwide. This long, rich heritage of artistry and innovation in design and a close association with the arts continue to define the Movado brand identity today. Always in motion, Movado continues to create watches of exceptional craftsmanship and design distinction.